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Recommendation Engine - Questions Ram - Oct 31, 2020
Recommendation Engine is one of the commonly used Machine Learning/AI approach. Some of the interesting questions related to Recommendation Engine.
Movie Recommendation - Content-Based Filtering Ram - Oct 30, 2020
We spend a lot more time exploring various things on the web. Be it exploring products, interacting with friends & family over social media platform, watching movies on Netflix, or listening to music. And these platforms have huge options to deliver to their users. These platform aims to deliver personalized …
Customer Life Time Value: Questions Ram - Oct 23, 2020
CLTV is an interesting concept and used across industries. We have created a list of questions that can help you validate your concepts and motivate you to think of various dimensions from an implementation perspective.
CLTV using RFM and Probability Models Ram - Oct 23, 2020
Customer Life Time Value is a measure of customer value to a firm. The customer value helps align acquisition costs with long-term value generation instead of revenue and/or volume and prioritize the focus toward retention on the highest potential CLV increase
Support Vector Machine: Overview Ram - Oct 13, 2020
Support Vector Machine (SVM) is one of the machine learning algorithms used for supervised problem sets mainly. Some of the other algorithms which can be explored along with SVM are Decision Tree, Random Forest, Neural Network, or Logistic Regression, specifically for Binary Classification problems.
Market Basket Analysis - Step by step approach Ram - Oct 12, 2020
The objective is to explain the steps involved in Market Basket Analysis (MBA) or Association Analysis. Also, explain the key terminologies used. We will leverage customer transaction data for developing association rules & insights which can be used for right product bundling and promotions, assortment planning and inventory management, and …
Test of Association for Categorical Variables Ram - Sep 15, 2020
Suppose we want to test if females are more likely to respond to a particular marketing campaign compared to males or in other words whether there is an association between gender and response variable. Since, both Gender and Response Variables are categorical, we have to use the Chi-square test which …
Deep Neural Network for Structured Data - Heart Attack Prediction From Scratch Ram - Sep 11, 2020
Preventive and predictive methods can help in managing the devastating effect of heart diseases. In this blog, we aim to show simple steps involved in building a predictive model using the Deep Neural Network method to predict a heart attack. This is a simple first deep neural network for structured …