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Applications of Ranking Algorithms

By: Ram on Nov 12, 2022

In this blog, we will describe application of Ranking Algorithms for 5 different sectors with high details on how ranking algorithms are applied there. For each of these sectors, we will take up a scenario company to make very specific and relevant for you to appreciate the context.  

  1. Music Streaming
  2. Matrimony
  3. E-commerce
  4. News
  5. Hotel Market Place


Music Streaming

Scenario: Spotify

“Spotify is a proprietary Swedish audio streaming and media services provider founded on 23 April 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It is one of the largest music streaming service providers, with over 456 million monthly active users, including 195 million paying subscribers” - Wikipedia

When a user (or subscriber) visits the Spotify, there are a list of music albums are shown. And there are multiple options available under browse and if we select “Bollywood”, popular playlists are shown. How does Spotify arrive at the popular playlists?  Is it just based on previous period clicks?

Graphical user interface, website

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In our view, the Spotify team must be using ML based algorithms to rank the playlist based on various factors (and not limited to) such as click in last 1/7/15 days, streaming time in the latest 1/7/15 days, reviews & ratings, and geo specific data. Personalisation will be additional layer.  A sample data is available on Kaggle to develop your own ranking algorithm for Spotify.


Scenario: Shaadi.com

Shaadi.com is an Indian online wedding service founded in 1997. Its core market is India. It has lacs of profiles. As per this blog, it has 1.5 million active users to its subscriber base and daily sign up of 12000-15000.