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Data Scientist Interview Questions - Financial Services

By: Ram on Jul 21, 2021

From a Senior Data Scientist, it is expected to perform multiple activities

 - Formulating a business problem as a Data Science project

- Understand domain and business content to find relevant use-cases

- Communicating results to business stakeholders

- Mentoring junior data scientists or data engineers

- Evaluating project outputs and finding ways to improve


Some of the high-level questions or scenarios are listed below.

Scenario 1
Give an example where you had to present and show the results of analysis or Model to a non-technical audience and what was our approach?

Scenario 2
Show example of working with multiple departments of an organization and what role did you play there and what were some of the challenges faced

Scenario 3
Share your experience of managing or coaching junior data scientist

Scenario 4
Please share 3-4 Data Science use-cases for Insurance and Mutual Fund

Scenario 5 
Non-renewal of Term Insurance is one of the challenges, as a data scientist, what can you do to help the business

Scenario 6
Show example of using both structured and unstructured data for building a machine learning model

Scenario 7
Show some of the challenges you faced while working on the data science/machine learning project

Scenario 8
Show list of use-cases with applications of unsupervised methods in financial services

Scenario 9
Via digital email campaigns, the marketing department sends emails to cross-sell products. How can you help the business to improve the campaign effectiveness?

Scenario 10
How do you measure if a digital campaign is working as per business objectives?

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