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Learn R for Data Science

By: Ram on Nov 29, 2022

1. Basic of R

  • In this R code, we covered, getting started with R.
  • Overview on R as statistical computating environment
  • Installing R and R Studio
  • Iinstalling and loading R packages
  • Basic functions of base R - Concatenating -c(), seq(), rep(), lendth(), head() and tail()
  • 5 R data type - Numeric, Integer, Charcter, Logical, and Complex 
  • 5 Object Type - Vector, Matrix, Array, List and Data Frame

Data Type in R

Read on R Objects with R code

R Code File

2. Reading and Writing Data R

  • Creating Data Frame in multiple ways
  • Read CSV file 
  • Read SAS dataset
  • Read SPSS dataset in R
  • Extract Data from Facebook (tried a few years back)
  • Write Data Frame to a CSV file
  • Write Data to a Text File

R Code File

3. Data Frame Manipulations


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