Ramgopal Prajapat:

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Google App Rating and Web Scrapping

Jul 02, 2020

Project Summary/Context

User Reviews and Ratings are critical for any company that has a presence on Google Play Store.

  • Customer Acquisitions: New customers look at the overall average rating and recent reviews to decide whether to install an app or not
  • User Tastings & Feedback: Companies spend significant effort and resources on testing for any tech changes, feature additions or experience enhancements. So tracking user reviews and finding the key topics on which users are critical for reacting to the customer needs and experience.
  • Ideas and Recommendations: A lot of time user gives suggestions on features and functionality enhancements. So a company can give attention to the customer reviews.

High Level Steps

We have built functionality to scrap the recent reviews from Google Play store for a selected app (based the google play store link for the selected app) and provide some of the very important insights.


  • Takes input of App Link: Google Play Store Link for an app – e.g. if you want to get the latest reviews for Zomato app, please give following URL as input: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.application.zomato
  • Scrap the reviews from Google Play Store: Python-based Web Scrapping module scraps the recent user reviews
  • Insights based on reviews:  Based on the scrapped data, the insights module create some powerful visualizations and insights
    • Average weekly rating: you get visualization graph which shows the average weekly rating
    • User Rating: Get star rating distribution- you can compare this graph (recent) and graph on google play store (overall) to see performance based on recent period vs overall
    • Topic Modeling: For the negative (rating 1, 2 & 3-star ratings) and positive (4& 5-star ratings), we did the LDA to find the 5 categories for each of these two groups
    • Word Cloud: Based on the frequency of common words/phrases, word clouds are prepared for both positive and negative rating reviews
  • Get review Data – you can reach out to us and will share the scrapped data

Business Outcome

You can use the insights to improve customer experience by identifying common customer complaints and issues.