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Steps for RFM Segmentation in Python Ram - Jul 03, 2022

In the previous blog - RFM based Transactional Segmentations for Ecommerce, I have explained the about the RFM Segmentation and its application in Retail/Ecommerce Scenario.

The customer segmentation enables for …

Connecting Sagemaker to S3 Ram - Sep 02, 2021

In this blog, we will try a few basic steps in Sagemaker/Jupiter Notebook 


1: Connecting to S3

import boto3 
import botocore 
import pandas as pd 
from …

Regression Tree using Python Ram - Jul 11, 2021


import pandas as pd

folder ="/content/drive/My Drive/Training/IIITDM/data/"


column_names = ['CRIM', 'ZN', 'INDUS', 'CHAS', 'NOX', 'RM', 'AGE', 'DIS', 'RAD', 'TAX', 'PTRATIO', 'B', 'LSTAT', 'MEDV']

house = pd.read_csv(folder+"housing.csv", header=None, delimiter=r"\s+", names=column_names)



Describe Data



Model Samples

import numpy as np 

Cumulative Count up to a Month Ram - Jul 08, 2021

We want to find cumulative sales upto a month. We want to check effect of sales volume (active equipments) on the claim amount. 


from pandas import DataFrame, merge